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There's no hope!

Useless Reviews

2009-11-03 11:08:14 by Farfargryde

Useless reviews are often made when people think the review is too cruel.
Tell me, is a useless review not something like:
'WOW, I JUST LOVED THIS MOVIE SO MUCH. 10000/10!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!'

God, some of you people are stupid. :-P


2009-08-05 12:30:47 by Farfargryde

I'm new on the Newgrounds, I usually just rate other peoples work. I fairly make Flash myself, and if I finally do I program in AS 3.0. I'm bad at animating, and I have no workflow for making flash movies. So if you guys have any tips and tricks, or maybe want to tutor me, it would be legendary. Just write here, or PM me :-)

About my ratings, I'm fair with them, if you find them stupid or bad, deal with it.